Solea Service is a limited liability company established September 18th, 2011 under German law.

Solea Service is a maintenance and service provider for photovoltaic systems for grid feed-in.

Starting with the commissioning of the photovoltaic system, Solea Service GmbH guarantees a smooth operation of the system by taking necessary measures.


Complete cleaning of all modules. Environmentally friendly, chemical-free and residue-free cleaning of the modules through demineralised water. Outstanding cleaning results due to professional cleaning equipment.


Carrying out all necessary measures to maintain an unobstructed operation and safety of the solar park. Repairs.


Documentation of the services performed including the installed parts as well as the findings made on the condition of the park, with the possibility for the client to inspect the protocols at any time.

Reduced yield performance due to soiling of the modules

Photovoltaic modules are not self-cleaning. Wind and rain wash off only part of the dirt. Therefore a special cleaning of the modules is necessary to avoid yield losses. Dirt and dust particles from the atmosphere settle on the modules and thus hinder the absorption of solar energy by the cells. Depending on the degree of soiling of the modules, output losses of up to 35% can be expected.

Why Us?

  • We take over the monitoring.
  • Maintenance according to legal requirements.
  • Repair/exchange of defective hardware.
  • Preparation of an annual report to give you a clear overview.
  • Plant cleaning for profit maximization.