Solea AG

Under the motto “solar energy meets technology”, Solea AG stands for the highest quality – from planning to the maintenance of solar power projects of any size. Based on many years of experience, Solea AG can implement projects reliably and quickly. With a project capacity of over 350 MW of installed photovoltaic projects, we are one of the leading full-service providers of the photovoltaic industry in Germany with an international focus.

global activity


Solea is a internationally recognized EPC with references spanning Spain, England, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia Romania, Bulgaria, South Africa, Namibia, Turkey or Australia. The company has taken steps to expand its activities to MENA, North America, and India.


We take care of the plant design from the optimal layout planning with 3D CAD programs, the right choice of the supporting structure of the modules to the conception of the electrical design of the converters and inverters. In the end, there is the planning of the AC line and the integration into the power grid.


We offer a comprehensive project implementation during the entire construction phase. We advise and assist you alongside the project, from fencing and preparation of the construction site roadways to the installation of the solar modules and the final connection to the power grid.


Even after construction work completion, we continue to support our customers during the maintenance and operation of the plant. We carry out inspections of the mechanical structures, modules and electronic systems. Furthermore, we monitor the solar park operation and take care of repairs and replacements in case of malfunctions. In order to increase the energy yield and to offer our customers the maximum power yield, we provide cleaning services for the entire park.

Our range of services (ground-mounted photovoltaic systems)

  • Phase 1

    Project development

    • Initial property visit
    • Shade analysis
    • Irradiation measurement
    • Sighting of grid connection
    • Terms of lease agreement

    Legal Due Diligence

    • Approval process
    • Grid  connection
    • Easements
    • Lease agreement
    • Drafting of EPC and O&M contracts

    Technical Due Diligence

    • Module and inverter manufacturers
    • Elevation
    • Park layout
    • Grid connection
    • Irradiation analysis
    • System losses

    Economic Due Diligence

    • Cash flow modeling
    • Debt service coverage modeling
    • Scenario analyses
    • SPV and holding structure

    Approval procedures

    • Project development plan
    • Modification of the land-use plan
  • Phase 2

    Structuring and negotiation / equity and debt capital

    • SPV formation
    • Purchase of project rights
    • EPC and O&M agreement
    • Conclusion of loan agreements with banks
    • Project financing with banks
    • Addressing end investors
  • Phase 3



  • Phase 4

    Sale to end investor

    • Sales prospectus
    • Information Memorandium
    • Data room
    • Auction procedure
    • Negotiations
    • Purchase agreement
    • Signing and Closing
  • After Sales

    operations and maintenance

    • Monitoring
    • Maintenance
    • Repair
    • Cleaning
    • Repowering
    • Councelling
    • Commercial management